Michelle Di Tomaso

Michelle Di Tomaso

Brief info

Michelle is the Co-founder of Dense Breasts Canada. She was diagnosed in August 2014 with Stage 2B, Triple Positive Breast Cancer. Over the next 2 years, she underwent 2 surgeries to remove the cancer, Chemotherapy (A/C, Taxol and Herceptin), Radiation, a Double Mastectomy and 3 unsuccessful reconstructive surgeries, and spent 25 days in the hospital.

She was informed that her cancer diagnosis had been delayed 3 years because she had dense breasts. Had the cancer been caught earlier, the treatment would more than likely have been limited to surgery only.

Michelle is from British Columbia: one of 3 Canadian provinces that does not notify women or their physicians of breast density. She is passionate about seeing breast density notification for all women in Canada included in the mammogram results letter.

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