Dense breasts make it harder to see cancer

Dense breasts make it harder for radiologists viewing your mammogram to spot cancer because dense breast tissue shows up as white and so does a cancerous tumour.

Mammograms are a highly effective tool for women with fatty breasts, but mammograms alone are not enough for women with dense breast tissue. If you have dense breasts, you may want to discuss additional screening, such as ultrasound with your doctor.



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Most Canadian women don’t know if they have dense breasts because they haven’t been told!

Some screening programs do not report breast density information to the family doctor.

Even if family doctors receive breast density information, not all doctors relay the information to the patient. Most women are kept in the dark about their density. Province by province, Dense Breasts Canada is advocating for density notification. All women have a right to know their breast density and make informed healthcare decisions.

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