Breast Density on Global Edmonton Health Matters
August 2, 2018

N.B. main parties pledge to give women breast density info following mammograms
September 7, 2018

Cancer survivor speaks out about breast density
September 17, 2018

Global TV Health Matters
August 21, 2017

B.C. women will be first in Canada to get breast density information after mammograms
September 21 2018

B.C. women to have access to breast density info
September 2018

Nova Scotia
December 19, 2017

We need to talk about dense
breasts: Why governments are
taking notice
December 19, 2017

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October 2018


October 29, 2017

Breast density is a risk women need to know about, cancer survivor group says

It was only after an offhand remark by a specialist prompted her to research on the internet, that Pickersgill found out her mammogram, given as part of the Ontario Breast Screening Program, may not have revealed her cancer due to the density of her breasts.

November 30, 2017

‘It’s negligence:’ Advocates call on Nova Scotia to inform women of breast density in cancer screening

Advocates are taking aim at Nova Scotia’s “negligence” around failing to inform women of a breast cancer screening risk factor they say could save lives.

December 7, 2017

I Didn’t Know Dense Breasts Were A Major Cancer Risk. Then I Found A Lump
By Kathy Kaufield

It turns out that I am one of the nearly three million Canadian women over the age of 40 who have dense breasts. The letter did not tell me that. Nor did it tell me that because I have dense breasts, I have a higher chance of developing breast cancer and that it will be harder to detect on a mammogram. Mammograms miss more than 50 per cent of the cancers in the densest breasts.

New Brunswick
Dec 11, 2017

Op-Ed by Kathy Kaufield
Making change for better breast screening

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September 7, 2018

‘I’m dancing a happy dance’: Breast cancer survivor wins a political victory

FREDERICTON — A breast cancer survivor and advocate had a sweet victory Friday: She saw the two leading parties adopt her cause as platform planks for the Sept. 24 New Brunswick election.

“I’m dancing a happy dance,” Kathy Kaufield said after both the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives pledged Friday to ensure women are given information on their breast density following mammograms.

September 19, 2018

Health PEI should tell women if they have dense breasts, says advocacy group

An advocacy group called Dense Breasts Canada says Health PEI should be telling Island women about their breast density.

In a mammogram, cancer can be harder to see in women with dense breasts. While fatty tissue appears as dark grey in a mammogram, dense tissue shows up as mostly white — just like cancers.

September 23, 2018

We need to talk about dense breasts: Why governments are taking notice

When Ann Hill was told she had breast cancer, she was floored. Six months earlier, she had a clear mammogram and the diagnosis seemingly came out of nowhere.

But that’s when a doctor told her having dense breasts makes a tumour hard to see, and that her cancer has been there for a while.

September 22, 2018

Women in B.C. to have access to breast density info when screened for cancer

Dense breasts make it harder to spot cancer in mammograms — but not all affected women know they’re at risk.

In 2014, Michelle Di Tomaso was in her doctor’s office after work when she heard the words she’ll never forget.

“She just turned to me and said, ‘You have breast cancer,'” Di Tomaso recalled.

June 22, 2017

Breast Density: the breast cancer risk factor no one talks about

“I didn’t know to ask if I had dense breasts. If I had, I might not be what I am today, dying from Stage 4 breast cancer. It is the doctor’s responsibility to tell you if you have dense breasts, but our doctors are not telling patients,” she says. “There’s a big gap. It’s not just about being breast cancer aware, it’s about knowing what to ask.”

Dec 19, 2017

Breast density results must be shared with patients, say advocates

The idea is to use the technology instead of relying on a radiologist’s eyes because, like cancer, dense breast tissue appears white in mammograms, making it difficult for radiologists to see. A woman with dense breasts also has more dense tissue than fatty, and that means her chances of getting cancer are higher.

March 9, 2017

All your mammogram info isn’t making it to your doctor

A national organization advocating for better breast cancer screening says Nova Scotia has the technology to provide breast density data to doctors and patients, but seems to be dragging its feet on implementing it.

September 01, 2018

How one group’s fight for ‘just a line’ on a mammogram report could save lives

Dense breast tissue can obscure cancer on a mammogram image.

Kathy Kaufield was given the all-clear following her regular mammogram screening in June 2015. Six months later she discovered the lump.

She found it on her own by chance in a Saint Andrews hotel in November of that year after forgetting to pack her shower puff. While cleaning by hand, she felt the growth.

September 07, 2018

Liberals, PCs promise to give women breast density information

Studies show the denser the breast, the greater the chance of developing cancer

The Liberals and Progressive Conservatives are promising to give women potentially life-saving information in the form of an additional line about breast density on their mammogram reports.

September 11, 2018

Former P.E.I. resident wants breast density information given after mammograms

Kathy Kaufield has notched another victory.

The former Stratford, P.E.I., resident started a social media campaign, #TellMe, to press political leaders to provide women with information about their breast density after receiving mammograms.

September 24, 2018

MSP breast density announcement raises concerns

Health minister Adrian Dix’s announcement that B.C. will be the first province to notify women if they have dense breasts after screening mammograms, and may therefore be at higher risk of cancer, has led to some concerns and confusion about how the information should be used.

September 21, 2018

B.C. women will be first in Canada to get breast density information after mammograms

B.C. is becoming the first province in Canada to provide information about breast density to women and their doctors after their mammogram screening tests.

Health officials will begin providing women with the information beginning mid-October.


October 29, 2017

Host Kelly Cutrara interviews Dr. Gordon


Telling women they have dense breasts could save lives, says cancer survivor

Most women aren’t routinely informed if they have dense breasts, but the condition can mean cancers are less likely to show up on mammograms. Kathy Kaufield, a cancer survivor and advocate, wants doctors to be mandated to tell women.

Sep 15, 2018

Dense breasts and cancer detection White Coat Black Art

Cinda Lambert on discovering that her dense breasts made cancer detection difficult on mammograms

October 1, 2018

Sask. breast cancer survivor shares how her breast cancer went undetected due to breast density

Women over the age of 45 are told they should have a mammogram every year to detect for breast cancer. But what if that’s not enough? Gayle Woloshyn had annual mammograms for 15 years, and yet her breast cancer went undetected. It’s all because she wasn’t told she has dense breasts. In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Gayle joins us now on the line to tell us how she hopes to see things change.

August 31, 2018

CBC Host Rachel Cave speaks with Kathy Kaufield

Two years ago, Kathy Kaufield stood in the oncology department of the Saint John Regional Hospital, after completing months of chemotherapy as part of her treatment for breast cancer. She later learned that she has dense breasts, tissue that can obscure a mammogram image. She also learned the denser the breast, the higher the chance of developing cancer.


Her dense breast tissue hid cancer for years. Now she’s warning others

Fibrous breast tissue can obscure or camouflage cancer in mammograms

In 2014, Michelle Di Tomaso was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. It came as a shock to her because she had undergone four clear mammograms.

September 20, 2018

What you need to know about dense breasts

Kelly talks to Michelle Di Tomaso, co-founder of Dense Breasts Canada